Egyptian Museum in Turin. History and visiting Information

The museum of egyptian antiquities was founded In 1824 by king Carlo Felice, who assumed Bernardino Drovetti’s collection, which consisted of 5.628 egyptian exhibits.

First in Europe and second in the world only after the Cairo museum (Egypt), the historical collection is placed nowadays in a jesuit school, which was built by architect Guarino Guarini in 17° century. The Building was known as “Collegio dei nobili” (High College) but in 18° century it became center of Science Accademy.

Thanks to the Minister of cultural goods and activity, on 6th october 2004 was born the foundation Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, joined by the Region of Piemonte, the Province of Turin, the City of Turin, San Paolo and the CRT foundation.

Time Egyptian Museum. Visiting Hours
From 09.00 am untill 02.00 pm (monday)
From 09.00 am untill 06.30 pm (from tuesday untill sunday)
Closign days Egyptian Museum: 25th december.

Prices Egyptian Museum. Entrance Fees

  • 15,00 Euros – full price
  • 12,00 Euros – half price (over 70)
  • 3,00 Euros – 15-18 years
  • 1,00 Euros – 6-14 years
  • free ticket – untill 5 yeras; over 65 years; disabled (but half price for the attender); army officer

Guided Tours
Guided Group tours (maximum 25 person);
one hour and half guided visit
90,00 Euros + 10,00 – per group;
foreign language 110,00 Euros + 10,00
obligatory reservation, even for guides attending the groups.

guided tours from tuesday untill saturday at 11.00 am and 04.00 pm;
7,00 Euros per person + ticket;
obligatory reservation

guided tour for 2 hours
7,00 Euros for student
8,50 Euros foreign language

Egyptian Museum Torino

Location Egyptian Museum in Torino
Egyptian Museum – via Accademia delle Scienze 6, Turin (Italy).
How to arrive to the museum: See Egyptian Museum map (on Google Maps).

Egyptian Museum

Info and reservations
obligatory booking for groups and schools
contact: tel 011.5617776
(from monday to saturday from 9.00 am to 01.00 pm; from tuesday to friday from 02.30 pm to 05.00pm)
fax 011.5623157
email or
web site (english version):

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